Tcman was born with the aim to provide real solutions on the need of improvement for asset management industries.


21 years on the market, 1,400 customers around the world (Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, France, Chile, Argentina, USA, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Paraguay, India, China, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Haiti.)


Agbar, Capio Servicios, CAG (Grup Alimentari Guissona) Cofely, Coty Astor, DBus (Autobuses de San Sebastián), DGIP (Dirección general de instituciones penitenciarias), Danone, Eulen, Font Vella, Gestagua, Grupo Ferrovial, Hispasat, ICS (Institut Català de la Salut), Indra, KAO, Lincoln Electric, Marina d’Or, Mercedes-Benz, Municipalidad de Santiago de Chile, Nokia Siemens Networks, Pescachile, Plásticos Tatay, Sara Lee, Silken Hoteles, Sun Edison, Temansa, Urbaser, USP hospitales, Vodafone, Wal-Mart.



  1. Preliminaries
    Knowledge of the company, its needs, scope and objectives desired by the customer for customizing the project.
  2. Proposal
    Presentation of the outline of the project, showing its scope and the objectives we want to reach.
  3. Data collection
    Once approved the guidelines need to know first hand the current organization and functions of all the elements involved in the maintenance and interaction with other departments of the company and what existing information systems are.
  4. Final system development
    Once all relevant data is passed to the development of appropriate and customized solution. Detection of weak to create, adapt and implement the best customized solutions points.
  5. Implantation
    At this point the phases are as perform for the implementation of the new system without hindering the normal running of the company.


Tcman is proud to offer continuity, innovation and policy coherence in their products and services. Always with the philosophy of work well done and by proximity to our customers.

We are proud to offer solutions through our highly specialized technical team, our work method for customizing solutions tailored to our customers requirements and optimize the time to reduce costs.


Leader of the cosmetic industry. With a clear philosophy since its inception has creatively driven the company to even greater success today, tomorrow and forever.


One of the biggest managers of transport infrastructure in the world with construction activities, management, maintenance and services.


American multinational company, needs no introduction, the World’s largest retailer, and for its sales and number of employees, the largest company in the world. Its business concept is the convenience low price store and high volume.


Automotive giant and a leader in technological innovation combined with cutting-edge designs. An icon of our century.

Energia Peruana

Leader in the rental of power generators and air compressors serving on offshore platforms, construction, industry, mining and drilling., Trust GIM for optimizing their computers. Inside one of the largest economies evolution in the last 10 years in Latin America.

USP Dexeus

General Hospital belongs to USP group that provides medical and surgical care of first level in all specialties, incorporating the latest functional and technological own centers most leading medical advances.

Caso a fondo: Urbaser

GIM is the tool for managing water treatment plants, waste treatment plants and a fleet of over 6,000 vehicles dedicated to daily cleaning and waste collection of Urbaser group.

GIM is implanted for administration, among others, of all maintenance processes, warehouses and labor.

Specifically, in terms of fleet management, in addition to the tasks of preventive and corrective maintenance, all related aspects such as chauffeurs, rentings, rents, fines, fuel, fuel cards, consumption, insurance claims, data is managed technical and administrative, auxiliary equipment, documentation, etc.

  • Management of infrastructure and assets
  • Alert Management System from plant / services / administration
  • Work Order management – Corrective maintenance
  • Management contracts with external suppliers
  • Gestión de personal y turnos
  • Warehouse
  • Purchases
  • Conductive, preventive and technical-legal maintenance
  • Internal Quality
  • Work Control
  • Etc.