Tcman today

More than 30 years of experience behind us

Tcman is an internationally established company that has driven more than 1,400 companies worldwide with its GIM (Integrated Maintenance Management) programme over three decades, providing reliability and optimising resources.

Tcman has a team of specialised professionals working on the development and implementation of its products to ensure that GIM remains a benchmark in CMMS Asset Management.

The most important thing for a company is to be sure of making the right investment. The results obtained by Tcman through its GIM programme allow us to ensure that your choice with Tcman will be the most profitable one, thousands of companies every day benefit from the use of our GIM programme.

Our values

Our philosophy is a job well done in order to get closer to our clients, adapting to each type of business need.

Our technicians have exclusive dedication, allowing us to obtain first-hand information on the needs of client companies, managing user requirements and optimising time to reduce costs.

Tcman prides itself on continuity, innovation and consistency in its product and service policy.

Companies have to face the challenges of the global market and the world economic crisis:

Improve the productivity of processes and sites.

Reduce unnecessary costs.

Increase the reliability of all elements involved in production.

Managing the complexity of the latest technologies.

Integrating technological solutions into day-to-day operations.

These challenges have a solution from Tcman. Through our GIM programme, facilitating the effective and efficient management of maintenance operations to create error-free work environments, aimed at improving quality, productivity, the quality of work of maintenance professionals and optimising their overall costs.

Venues & Equipment

Tcman has an important commercial network in Spain and in many other countries. Knowing how important it is to have a supplier nearby, our sales network continues to expand. No matter where you are, our partner companies (or collaborators) guarantee you a quality after-sales follow-up and the possibility of making specific modifications to GIM in response to your particular needs.

Tcman has offices in: Madrid, Lima and Mexico DF. It also has local representatives in America. For Tcman, proximity to the customer is very important.


Tcman is a company that implements the latest technological advances to make the task of adapting to the needs of its clients more efficient, and therefore incorporates mobile terminals, PDA’S, etc., as required

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Our strengths

What makes us different?

Tcman is an internationally consolidated company with great prestige in the field of maintenance. Tcman offers a comprehensive consultancy service called “turnkey”, which allows an analysis of the current situation in the management of the company’s assets and, based on a real diagnosis, the implementation of the software with an optimisation of costs and time. Tcman can boast of maintaining a high rate of renewal of its system maintenance contracts, in recognition of the capacity and quality of response offered in customer service.

Integrated Maintenance Management

CMMS, with 'G' for GIM